Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the original food trucks {travelogue}

i never understood
the why 
waiting in queues winding corners
for food
by virtue of a great social media strategy
the food
usually expensive
often disappointing
always a lesson in compromise

i prefer
finding my next great meal through a twitter feed
the next hot
rolling rip-off
can wait

is handcuffed in that environment

when i am in italy
i follow the markets
freshly made porchetta each wednesday
made by the same hand i shook
as we exchanged pleasantries

they are food trucks
without the 
of a trend
that may already have seen
its best days

*these photos were taken at the weekly market of a small village in umbria
(apologies if i offend any food truck vendors. some of you may have amazing food..stop hiding your light under a bushel)


  1. I agree 100%! I'm just waiting on the truck bubble to burst, a lot of operators are now moving to buildings and opening full on eating places. The markets are awesome and I'll never forget the one I visited in Barcelona this past summer, it was just jaw dropping!! Would you sat theres any comparable farmers markets around us, maybe Santa Monica?
    Take care..

  2. The salumi was delicious! As someone who hasn't eaten off any trucks, I don't understand the crazy endorsements that I hear about from other friends. If I wanted to stand and get food from a truck, I can do that at work off a catering truck. I guess I just voided my comment, but it is a truly different truck experience.

  3. @foodness gracious...i think santa monica is about as close as we can get for a farmer's market to what they have here. also, i notice that the prices in the fmarket are sometimes less than in the grocery (although grocery stores are considerably different than in the US). the lifestyle surrounding food/cooking is v.different here and probably impossible to translate into the american lifestyle in a practical way...but i admire it and try to utilize some of the practices when i return to the states.

  4. @fred's mom...a movie catering truck is NOTHING like the food trucks i speak of. Although I have had some pretty sketchy catering truck meals :)

  5. Italy, markets, prosciutto... heaven! Speaking of which I'm still dreaming about those wonderful truffles you brought to the social!


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